Student Leadership

The College has a very well-developed leadership program that provides the opportunity for students at all year levels to develop and practise their skills. Leadership positions include College Captains, House Captains and the Student Representative Council.

Each year the Student Leaders participate in induction and training, either at school or at selected external seminars, to develop their leadership skills, teamwork and to formulate their plans

2020 College Captains

Student Action Teams

The Student Representative Council of MSC has begun using Student Action Teams as a model for tackling big issues at our school and in our community. Planning begins at the annual SRC conference, where students brainstorm the issues that matter to them.  They then form Action Teams to do further research and plan ways to make positive changes. Currently, Student Action Teams are looking at Student Wellbeing, School Spirit, Community Involvement and Event Planning. SRC members are also involved in supporting the Monty Green Team, our environmentally minded focus group.