Home & School Communication

Effective communication between school and home is crucial for a student’s academic and personal success. It ensures parents know their child’s progress and any issues they may face. Good communication can lead to increased parental involvement in their child’s education, which has been linked to improved academic outcomes. 

Additionally, it can create a collaborative and supportive environment that helps address and resolve any concerns or issues. The College Compass portal enables us to efficiently and effectively communicate with our students and parents.

Montmorency Secondary College is structured into Home Groups, where each student is allocated to a specific Home Group with a dedicated Home Group teacher. 

Home Groups are essential to each student’s day, with meetings held for the first ten minutes each morning. During this time, students engage in pastoral care and daily housekeeping activities. The class role is marked, and students participate in ‘mini lessons’ around key messages that directly align with key events and the development

of wellbeing strategies, as well as discussing important information and participation in wellbeing activities.

In Years 7 and 8, the Home Group teachers generally teach their Home Group at least one subject, allowing students to form stronger connections with their teachers and peers.  

The homegroup teacher serves as the first point of contact for parents who have concerns or questions regarding their child’s progress or wellbeing at school. 

We believe this personal and individualised approach helps build strong relationships between students, teachers, and families, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

At the start of each year every family is allocated a Compass online account, which allows busy parents to engage closely with the College and access everything they need to know about their child. 

Through Compass, families can access attendance and absence records, their child’s timetable, information about upcoming camps and excursions, the College calendar, their child’s academic reports

and much more. Families book parent-teacher interviews and communicate with their child’s teachers through their Compass account.

Additionally, parents can monitor their child’s homework and assessment tasks, review their family details, and ensure that they are up to date. The Compass School Management System fosters effective communication between the College and its families.

Finally, the College teaches and encourages students to use a paper diary provided to each student at the beginning of each school year. Keeping a diary can provide several benefits to students, including improved time management, good organisation, encourages goal setting, reflection, and accountability.

Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s diary, providing another effective communication tool.