Year 7 Curriculum Outline

Montmorency Secondary College provides a contemporary student-centred, diverse curriculum program that embeds the curriculum essentials and gives students considerable choice. Support for this approach is strong and students, staff and the school community have responded to it with enthusiasm and purpose.

 The curriculum runs on a two-week timetable with twenty-five, 58 minute periods per week. The school day starts at 8.55 am with a 10 minute Home Group. A Home Group system runs across the college from Year 7 to Year 11, with Year 12 students allocated a Mentor teacher.

Essential Learning Standards (Victorian Curriculum F-10)

The Essential Learning Standards describe what is essential for students to achieve from Years Prep to 10. This informs our whole school curriculum planning framework and sets out learningstandards that we use to develop our teaching and learning programs. We offer a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students focused on sustainable excellence in teaching practice, student engagement and high performance.

By first identifying different students’ needs and understanding how to best engage them, students of all interests and abilities are given the best possible opportunity to learn. Regular assessment and feedback allow our teachers to adjust either the content being taught, the process used to learn, or the product expected from students, to ensure that learners at different starting points can receive the instruction they need to grow and succeed.

Our College aims to ensure all students achieve and find relevance in school. Our program encourages students to participate in their learning; to negotiate and select areas of interest, to accelerate and excel in their own paths. Students from Years 7 to 12 can choose from a wide range of Arts, Sports and Community activities. The College’s facilities respond to the interests and needs of our community and encourage high levels of excellence through personal initiative, creativity and growth.

Year 7 Curriculum

The Year 7 program is comprehensive and introduces students to subjects in all the key learning domains. A Pastoral Care program is a key feature of the first year of this College. Year 7 students learn in Home Groups and undertake the following course:

  • Mathematics 8 periods per fortnight
  • English 8 periods per fortnight
  • Humanities 6 periods per fortnight
  • Science 5 periods per fortnight
  • Language (Japanese or French) 5 periods per fortnight
  • Physical Education 4 periods per fortnight
  • HHR / Pastoral Care 2 periods per fortnight

These subjects run all year.

Year 7 students also rotate through a number of Visual Art, Performing Art and Technology subjects so that they experience a variety of learning environments before they make elective choices in later years. Each unit runs for one semester and takes 4 periods per fortnight.

The students study:

Technology (Wood & Metal); Art/Ceramics; Visual Communication Design (Graphics); Music;

Drama; and Food Studies (Home Economics)

Please Note: The Year 8 & 9 Curriculum Grid is included on the following page to allow students and parents to see how the curriculum develops over the Middle School.