Junior Year (Year 7)

Montmorency Secondary College provides a contemporary student-centred, diverse curriculum that provides the core essentials and offers students considerable choice. Support for this approach is strong and students, staff and the school community have responded to it with enthusiasm and purpose.

Our program encourages students to participate in their learning; to negotiate and select areas of interest, to accelerate and excel in their own paths. The curriculum runs on a two-week timetable with 5 x fifty-eight-minute periods daily. The school day commences at 8.55 am with a ten-minute time allocation for the Home Group to meet.

The Year 7 program includes the core studies of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education. Students also study a Language, either French or Japanese. The  Year 7 curriculum is designed to allow all Year 7 students an opportunity to experience a breadth of additional subjects on a rotational basis. These include Art and Ceramics, Music, Drama, Food Technology, Wood and Metal Technology and Visual Communication and Design. 


25 periods per week of 58 mins